Pocket Knives

Welcome to the Great Eastern Cutlery pocket knife new release page.  Knives are made in USA. Here you can view some of the finest factory knives being manufactured in the United States today. We are continually updating this page as we design and complete new products. Our knives are not your typical run of the mill pocket knives.  We reproduce classic old patterns that are very rare or uncommon and we do so by using mostly antiquated manufacturing methods and traditional materials. While our competitors are using modern technology to mass produce their products, we found our niche by using retro technologies that give us the capability to continually design and produce new products in short runs with many variations. Our skilled craftsmen and women blend more than 200 individual labor processes with expensive metals and natural materials to produce a reasonably priced exceptional tool that will perform its task for many years.  Our knives are a reflection of the past as they commemorate the craftsmanship of pocket knives made by the great cutlery companies in the northeastern United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Our name is a dedication to that heritage; GREAT EASTERN CUTLERY.  Those bygone cutlery companies created hundreds of pocket knife designs and we use them as our inspiration to craft our new products.  They are also our benchmark as we strive to achieve that standard of golden age quality in the 21st century.






 2012 KNIVES 




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