“Around Titusville”


Written by David L. Weber
Paperback book – 6 1/2 x 9 1/2″ with 128 pages.

Straddling Crawford, Venango, and Warren Counties in northwestern Pennsylvania, Titusville was founded by surveyor and land agent Jonathan Titus in 1796. Most of Titusville’s growth stemmed from the completion of the world’s first successful commercially drilled oil well by Edwin L. Drake and William A. Smith in August 1859; but petroleum was not the only major factor in the town’s economy. Significant developments in agriculture, steel production, boiler and radiator manufacturing, defense and aerospace-related contracting, plastics, textiles, and cutlery manufacturing have also taken place in Oil Creek Valley.
Through photographs from private collections and Titusville Historical Society, Around Titusville tells the story of the town’s evolution, its contributions to Pennsylvania’s (and America’s) industrial development, and events that changed world history.

David L. Weber is a freelance writer and historical researcher and consultant. He is a lifelong resident of Pleasantville and vice president of the Titusville Historical Society. His work has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines.

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