USA Merchandise



All of us at Great Eastern Cutlery take great pride in telling everyone that our products are MADE IN THE USA.

In this day and age especially, it is almost a fond memory.

But for us still, it is our livelihood.

Since our establishment in 2006, we have put customer satisfaction first, and by taking no shortcuts in manufacturing, we have acquired a loyal following of Great Eastern Cutlery enthusiasts.  They know our philosophy is about quality, craftsmanship, and authenticity, so they have been our best sales and marketing device, as they have spread the word about Great Eastern Cutlery classic knives.

With our growing reputation we have been receiving repeated request for Great Eastern Cutlery branded merchandise and accessories.

In keeping with our beliefs, we are partnering with other quality manufactures in the United States to produce custom designed Great Eastern Cutlery branded products. They will be available through our distributors, through our web site and at our company store.

We guarantee these products, just as ours, to be MADE IN THE USA.


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